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Battlestar Galactica Porn Battle

"Gives a whole new meaning to 'frakking toasters.'"

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Name:Battlestar Galactica Porn Battle
Website:Porn Battle Master Lists
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Because the reimagined series ends March 20, 2009, and nothing says goodbye like a porn storm.

What is a porn battle?
A porn battle is several days of ruthless, frenzied porn creation in all forms — fanfic, art, vids — based on fan-submitted prompts, and the posting of those works to a LiveJournal community for all to enjoy. It is a battle where EVERYONE WINS. In pr0n!

How do I participate?
Live through your 16th birthday, and be older than the age of consent in your area. Join this community. Submit prompts, write a fic, make a vid, draw a scene, or any combination of the four. Feel free to lurk, too; just be sure to leave feedback or Cylon God will smite you. (Aphrodite will definitely smite you, too, let's be honest.)

What is the schedule for this porn battle?
Prompt submission: July 1-4, 11:59 PM EST
Prompt list posted: July 7

Where can I find out more?
At the FIQ post, yo.


Porn Battle rules, information, and structure borrowed shamelessly from (and never returned to) [info]oxoniensis's Original Porn Battle, and [info]dashakay and [info]icedteainthebag's [info]xf_pornbattle. You are goddesses all.
Layout by [info]thefulcrum. Graphics by [info]ninamazing.
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